ISTP + #anotherlightup

The Informal Settlement Transformation Programme (ISTP) and #anotherlightup

During the 2014 Cape Town World Capital Design, the #ANOTHERLIGHTUP project used the interest developed through street art and the power of crowdfunded community engagement to collect funds for the provision of lighting in Monwabisi Park. Faith 47 created this beautiful mural along De Waal Drive.

Monwabisi Park is an informal settlement in Khayelitsha. The settlement has undergone intensive study by the Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading Programme (VPUU) and is intervened in as part of the Informal Settlement Transformation Programme.

Varied collaborative efforts have raised funding for infrastructure projects and public space improvements.

Social Services and Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) in partnership with the German Development Bank aim not only to reduce crime and increase safety levels but also to upgrade informal settlements and neighbourhoods, improve social standards and introduce sustainable community projects to empower local residents.