Maintained Public Place Projects

Public Spaces Programme

In Observatory and Langa, residents, community-based organisations, civic organisations and institutions were part of the initiation and design decision-making processes. Once the projects were constructed, residents and public institutions exerted pressure on the City to manage and maintain the established infrastructure.

Projects that had significant engagement with local communities through participatory processes or that secured City departments’ transversal ownership benefited greatly in terms of their maintenance and management in the long term. The Public Spaces Programme projects in Observatory and in Langa are good examples of such projects.

In 2003 and 2004, and from 2008, I worked on design development, project management and the construction of urban nodes.

Projects were initiated and constructed at speed without adequate buy-in from the City’s transversal departments for longer-term management and maintenance.

Many facilities fell into disrepair as a result of a lack of ownership by the City and residents.