Harare Public Square + VPUU

Public Place Programme, Harare Public Square

The City of Cape Town’s Public Spaces Programme established the Harare Public Square in a safe neighbourhood area managed by the VPUU.

Its projects, such as the Harare Library, Youth Centre and Work-Live Units, all overlook Harare Square and enhance activity and the safety of residents in the area and on the square.

The concept of safe neighbourhoods is based on Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) methodology and principles that guide design decision-makers to keep safety features in mind.

For the Harare neighbourhood, planned safe walking and cycling routes were built along which multi-storey community facilities are located and house activities both day and night activities.

Like beacons of light offering surveillance from above, these multi-storey buildings are tall within an otherwise low streetscape of shacks and RDP housing.

Neighbourhood safety patrol groups and maintenance teams watch over and maintain new facilities.

Community ownership is fostered and enabled from project inception through to their completion and occupation. Long term engagement and community partnerships ensure that the VPUU projects are less likely to fail in the longer-term.