Sithandathu + Ingulube Market, Philippi

Project Name: Sithandathu + Ingulube Market, Philippi, 2004 Comprising part of the Dignified Urban Spaces Programme, Astrid undertook conceptual design work and collaborated with consultant architects in the creation and on-site supervision of a new market structure opposite S. du Toit’s corner market. One of the shortcomings of the Dignified Public Spaces Programme's work was the lack of longer term planning for maintenance strategies and thorough community development in the early project design and initiation stages. Laying the ground for transversal local government ownership and management, plus securing community entry co-operation and inclusion of residents, traders, and community based organisations are aspects which the VPUU programme has had the advantage of incorporating during implementation. The public space improvements represented below have undergone major changes with a lack of maintenance and management structures in place by either community leadership structures, nor by local government.