Sithandathu + Ingulube Markets

In 2003 and 2004, and from 2008, I worked on design development, project management and the construction of urban nodes in the Cape Flats.

Projects were initiated and constructed at speed without adequate buy-in from residents and the City’s transversal departments for longer-term management and maintenance.

While the programme was well considered and received several international prizes; drawbacks from its initiation and tumultuous politics led to the programme’s demise.

Departments such as the Roads or Sports and Recreation receive annual maintenance budgets, while the Planning and Urban Design Department only receives budgets for infrastructure plus the construction of facilities and not their long-term upkeep.

Thus, it is imperative that the City’s different line departments enter into service level agreements in order to secure long-term maintenance budgets.

Without these and without adequate community buy-in from residents and traders, many projects were unfortunately vandalised and fell into disrepair and ruin.